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RAID ( Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks ) is a data storage virtualization technology which combines different digital disc drive components into one or more logical units for data redundancy, performance improvement, or both.

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It is generally used to reduce data loss or improve performance. It has 5 different types for different purposes. It has read and write operations and technology is very easy to implement. But when one drive fails, all the data in RAID is lost. And in that situation you must need expert aid to recover all the data from your RAID drive to another drive.

Cost of Restoring Data From RAID:

The average cost of RAID data recovery services is between $300 – $1,900 as per the damages. The damage can be minored as restoring deleted data and severe as receiving data from the physical damage. The experts charge on the basis of time it takes, diagnosis, Analysis and recovery. But the main element is the length of time.

What Is The Need Of Recovering The Data From The RAID?

The main reason of RAID data recovering is to get lost data. As RAID provides good storage, we have stored a lot of important data in that drive. But before recovering the data from RAID, you need to understand that to fit a different type of RAID level you need different ways. Like RAID 10 is the best version as it is the combination of RAID 0 and RAID 1 and it has fast data recovery speed. And on the other hand, RAID 5 has not that speed of data recovery. You must have to know that recovery is not backup. It provides accessibility and much more reliable storage of your data. But if you want both backup and recovery at the same time, then you must try Acronis backup which supports RAID Storage. So that you have both backup and recovery.

The Best RAID Data Recovery Services at Long Beach:

If you have trouble with RAID drive and you are looking for the best recovery services at Long Beach, California, then you are at the right place. Following are the best data recovery companies in Long Beach that will solve all your data issues.

The first option of File Savers Data Recovery Services they are specialized in data recovery services. Whether you want to recover your data from USB, Hard Drive, RAID storage or any Virtual machine, the best service is just one call away.

They are one of the leading data recovery services in Long Beach. They are known for their affordable prices and quick response. They will give you the best solution according to your problem.

And the second best option for RAID Data Recovery is ACE Data Recovery. They are a team of qualified professionals with rich experience. They can help you even in hopeless cases. They have their own hardware tools and they use the best techniques.

They can recover your data from heavily damaged HDDs, SSDs, RAID, NAS, pen drives and tape. And the best point is that their services are at reasonable prices.

Above mentioned both options are the best for your data recovery from RAID. They both are specialized and experienced in this field. We hope that you like this article. Give Long Beach Data Recovery a call today.

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