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Top Rated Data Recovery Services In Long Beach, CA

In this era of science and technology, data is something that has gained much popularity and importance. The vitality of data has manifold in recent years with this massive development in information technology. Almost every field involves data or information stored in any form. Life runs on through mobiles, laptops, desktops, Mac books, and a never-ending list of gadgets that we use on a daily basis.

Lost your family photos or business accounting data?

have you ever gone through the unfortunate experience of losing out on your precious laptop or mobile data? If you have one then you must be aware of the problems we might go through for recovery or completely losing out on data. The whole procedure goes so helpless, especially for ones who don’t have a single idea of how to recover or get back lost data? Well, not everyone is a technical freak and which is why we have decided to lend you a hand in this difficult task.

Our data recovery experts routinely work on very complex projects to recover data even from the most difficult and remote corporate servers and computers. Each data recovery case receives our absolute attention considering the requirements of the case. Long beach data recovery knows that one simply cannot afford to lose important business or professional data, and this is the reason why our experts will do our best to get your data back up and running the business on track ASAP. Long Beach Data Recovery works on often failed work by others and computers that other competitors regard as non-recoverable. You shall reconsider your recovering company if you’ve been informed that your lost valuable data is unrecoverable, just let us have a look and we assure you the best recovery services.

We have been in this business for a long time and have made us capable enough to deal with your entire troubles single-handedly now, all thanks to our best worded and skilled team of technical professionals. We are the leading data recovery service provider with a huge success rate; we succeed where other companies fail. Our recovery technical professionals are the best in the industry and are selected from around the world by the best professionals only. Our team of research and development professionals designs and develops the best hardware and software solutions to access more data and complete restoration requests more quickly and on a timely basis. We deal in data recovery from hard drives, SD cards, tapes, RAID and data transfer, etc.

Our Recovery Process


You Bring

Call us so we can gather a little information about your device and its issue.


You Approve

Bring or ship your failed storage media to our office or lab for a free diagnostic evaluation.


We Recover

We will send you a diagnostic report and provide you with a firm and fair price.


We Deliver

If you approve the price, we will move your media device to our recovery queue where it will be worked on.

SSD Data Recovery

SSD refers to Solid State Drive, and we excel in SSD recovery service. Long Beach data recovery is always here to help you recover your valuable data. We already have thousands of reliable customers that trust us with their valuable data and devices when required. We achieved this reputation by investing heavily in research and development. We are the leading data recovery brand and are way over all of our competitors in SSD and hard drive recovery. You may only have one chance to get your data back and you can’t go experimental on such crucial issues and that is why you have us.

RAID Data Recovery

With our most dedicated team of RAID data recovery engineers, who are trained to handle all of the latest hardware, RAID platforms are available at our company and are accessible too. Even most high-tech, complex, and protected systems can fail. Unfortunately, human error is the most common cause when data is lost from a RAID platform. Data loss often occurs accidentally while reinstalling, deleting something, moving something from one place to another, or overwriting some icon. So our experts design to give you the best services in recovering RAID data fastest and thoroughly.

We have an all-inclusive pricing plan that includes free professional evaluation, guaranteed free shipping, and free media returns for completed projects on a timely basis. Just bring or send your faulty storage stuff to our office for a free inspection, you may then provide us with approval so we can begin the process immediately. Then within a few days we’re gonna start recovering your data and copy it to a free return medium. We will recover the data and paste it to your device and let things get going for you easily. Just trust us with your valuable things and you’re gonna love the services we provide.

 Long Beach Data Recovery Testimonials

“I was impressed with Long Beach Data Recovery’s service from my first phone call. I’ve never used a data recovery service before and I’m very happy that I chose Long Beach Data Recovery.”

– Scott

“Long Beach Data Recovery was very helpful with getting my data recovered from a RAID 0 array that go destroyed in a power outage. They kept me well informed via their web portal about updates and were always available if I needed to call directly for support.

Overall, I’m very pleased with this service I received.”

– Jamie

“Great experience. They were able to retrieve all my pictures, wedding pictures too. Thank you so very very much. You did the impossible!”

– Hannah

Lost your family photos or business accounting data?

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