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Looking to securely recover data from your failed Apple Mac, come to us today. Our service centre is located in Long Beach and we have been recovering data from various devices including Apple Mac for more than 15 years now.

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Recovering data from any device, especially from Apple HDD, Flash Drive, SSD or RAID is even more difficult that is why you have us. We will give you a free first consultation at our Long Beach Service Center. We are licensed and certified professionals to quickly and professionally recover your Apple Mac Data.

Long Beach Data Recovery is considered one of the most trusted Apple Mac Recovery service centres in Long Beach. We have Apple Certified Trainer (ACT), AppleCare Mac Technician(ACMT), Apple Certified iOS Technician (ACiT) and are certified with other macOS certifications. Our team has helped big companies, small businesses and individuals to recover their valuable data from their broken Apple Mac. With a success rate of alost 97%, we have become one of the best known Apple MAc Data Recovery companies in Long Beach. The first diagnostic is completely free. We will only charge you if we recover any form of data from your Apple Mac. With our exceptional data recovery services at Long Beach we offer local data recovery and repair services to all sizes of businesses and personal computers users.

You can trust us to keep your data safe and recover it securely. We work with some of the most skilled technicians who have access to modern softwares and technology to do their work. If you want data recovery with fast turnaround, we are the people you can look forward to. 

Recovery Services We Provide

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Apple Mac Recovery

File & Email Data Recovery

RAID/Server Recovery

Long Beach data Recovery has A+ ratings with Better Business Bureau for maintaining high level of compliance and keeping people privacy secure. We understand the responsibility that comes with handling data and we take that responsibility seriously and make sure you get the best possible service in Long Beach.

What Happens When Your Apple Mac Fails

Software or hardware failures can happen at any time especially for devices that are not in their warranty period. Failures like MacBook that won’t boot, files are showing corrupted, issues with hard disk, clicking or grinding noises from your MacBook, Errors such as corrupt or unreadable files, accidental file deletion or formatting or operating system errors. It is best to not try to recover data on your own. You could end up damaging the data further in case of system failure. Switch off your device and bring it to the professionals as soon as possible. Do not try to run data recovery procedures by reading about them on the internet. Many disk and software recovery and boots can corrupt or completely delete your data and make them unrecoverable.

Our team is highly knowledgeable and experienced in data recovery. They know what to do in each situation to Minimise the damage and recover your data in a secure manner. When you bring your device to us we will run a risk free diagnostic and to see what is wrong and what would be the best way to recover data from your Apple MAC.

You receive the greatest potential odds of recovery when you deal with Long Beach Data Recovery, and you get a great return on investment. Our hard drive data recovery facility will give same-day diagnostics, which will include a pricing quotation, turnaround estimate, media failure diagnosis, and a list of files that can be recovered. Our reputation has been based on our unwavering professionalism. Contact Long Beach Data Recovery today to get immediate assistance.

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Long Beach Data Recovery is a great datacenter partner for us. The Long Beach site is conveniently located in the heart of town and easy to access for us traveling in from out of town. The facility is in great shape and the staff on site are very professional and personable. Overall our experience here has been great.

 - John

We their team recently. The space is up to date on all specs/equipment and the staff is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend for customers in need of data center space and power.

 - Luke

I was impressed with Long Beach Data Recovery's service from my first phone call with them. I've never used a data recovery service before and I'm very happy that I chose Long Beach Data Recovery. They were very professional, kind and patient with all my questions and was very prompt with any info he needed to send my way.

 - Morgan

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