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If you need data recovery from a computer for legal reasons, Long Beach Data Recovery can help. We can recover data from computers, and other electronic devices that have been physically damaged, have deleted files or have been formatted.

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Our computer forensics specialists have worked with FBI, private investigators, lawyers, and individuals to collect and preserve evidence from a specific computer equipment in a form that may be presented in court.
Long Beach Data Recovery’s computer forensics assists in criminal and civil procedures and adheres to established rules for handling electronically recorded data.

We are licensed and certified to perform computer forensics. We follow all the guidelines and conduct ethically. If there are permits needed or documentation needed, we will tell you beforehand. Cybercrime is on the rise. Even real world crime, minor or major, are often connected to digital activities.

Recovering data from computers, mobile phones and more could help governments, businesses, and individuals. Data gathered from hacked systems, recorded network conversations, and digital evidence are widely used in computer forensics. For numerous local and national cases, the Long Beach Data Recovery team has collected and preserved digital evidence as well as done forensic imaging.

The gathering of information in a secure manner is the first step in computer forensics. The data or system is next examined to see if it was altered, how it was altered, and who made the modifications. Computer forensics isn’t always used in connection with a crime. The forensic procedure is also used to collect data from a crashed server, failed disc, reformatted operating system (OS), or other circumstance when a machine has abruptly ceased working.

As a company that has been in the Data Recovery business for more than 15 years, we understand preserving data then presenting it in a way that it is readable. We have helped thousands of people and organizations with high quality computer forensics. We have the best team in Long Beach  to do the job. We are skilled and have needed modern methodology to go about the procedure.

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Computer forensics is used in the civil and criminal judicial systems to ensure the integrity of digital evidence presented in court cases. Digital evidence — and the forensic procedure used to collect, preserve, and examine it — has grown more essential in solving crimes and other legal concerns as computers and other data-gathering devices are utilized more often in every part of life. Much of the data collected by contemporary technologies is never seen by the average individual. For example, automobiles’ computers continuously gather data on whether a driver stops, switches, or changes speed without the driver’s knowledge.

This information, on the other hand, might be crucial in resolving a legal problem or a crime, and computer forensics is frequently used to locate and preserve it. In some cases we could gather information on where a certain person had accessed their computer or mobile phones to see their location. We could gather a lot of otherwise insignificant yet important information in certain cases.

Data theft, network breaches, and illegal internet transactions are just some of the crimes that may be solved with digital evidence. It’s also utilized to solve physical crimes including burglary, assault, hit-and-run accidents, and murder in the real world.

To keep proprietary information safe, businesses frequently employ a multilayered data management, data governance, and network security approach. Having data that is well-managed and secure might speed up the forensic procedure if the data is ever investigated. When you need reliable computer Forensics in Long Beach, give us a call.

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Long Beach Data Recovery is a great datacenter partner for us. The Long Beach site is conveniently located in the heart of town and easy to access for us traveling in from out of town. The facility is in great shape and the staff on site are very professional and personable. Overall our experience here has been great.

 - John

We their team recently. The space is up to date on all specs/equipment and the staff is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend for customers in need of data center space and power.

 - Luke

I was impressed with Long Beach Data Recovery's service from my first phone call with them. I've never used a data recovery service before and I'm very happy that I chose Long Beach Data Recovery. They were very professional, kind and patient with all my questions and was very prompt with any info he needed to send my way.

 - Morgan

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